Our inaugural workshop took place at Christ Church on Saturday, 9 October 2021. Many thanks to all our speakers and participants! Recordings of some presentations are now available here.

You can also view the workshop programme and the original CfP (archived version).


Alastair Minnis (Yale University): ‘Miraclis Pleyinge’ and scholastic literary theory in vulgari

Andrew Kraebel (Trinity University, San Antonio, TX): Ideas of Lyric and Dramatic Voice in Medieval Commentary
Slides available here


Zachary Guiliano (St Edmund Hall, Oxford): The patristic sources of Gospel commentaries in the Middle Ages

Rachel Cresswell (Blackfriars, Oxford): Scripture as signa in the writings of Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109)

Timothy Glover (Exeter, Oxford): Biblical Exegesis and the Voice of Richard Rolle

Malena Ratzke (University of Hamburg): Typological interpretation of the Bible in image and text: The tradition of the Biblia pauperum

Eliza Hoyer-Millar (Oxford): Marie de France’s lai Le Fresne: A lesson in Hugh of St Victor’s exegesis ad litteram

Elizabeth Solopova (Christ Church, Oxford): Translation as commentary? Literal and expository in the Wycliffite Bible

Bond West (Lincoln, Oxford): Stjórn I and the Historical Reading of Scripture