Below you will find an archive of papers and lectures from the following past events:

Seminar Series, Hilary Term 2023

Miri Rubin (QMUL): Nigra sum – What Song of Songs commentaries can tell us about the meanings of blackness
Alastair Minnis (Professor emeritus, Yale): Reconciling amour and yconomique: The significance of the Chess of Love commentary by Evrart de Conty (c.1330–1405)

Second Conference, 29 September 2022

Keynote: Prof. Michael Kuczynski (Tulane): Editing Vernacular Commentary Texts: Special Considerations

Prof. Kuczynski would like to dedicate his keynote to the memory of the late Prof. Anne Hudson (1938-2021)
Slides available here

Panel I

Jiani Sun (Oriel College, Oxford): “Dear Friend, from My Life I Write to You in
Your Life”: Hellenistic Jewish Sages’ Commentary on the Life of Solomon

Joshua Gregory Caminiti (Oxford): The association of Punic and Hebrew in
North African exegesis and ecclesial identity

Jiachun XU (University of Amsterdam): Scriptural Constraints and Philosophical Solutions: Different Understandings of Time in Augustine’s Commentaries on Genesis (Slides available here)

Panel II

Rebekah Van Sant-Clark (Oriel College, Oxford): Weaving Displacement into the Past in the book(s) of Esther

Anna Wilmore (Oxford): “Que ceste loy ne s’entendoit pas d’elle”: Marian lyric as commentary on Esther

Eugenia Vorobeva (Jesus College, Oxford): Intertextuality and Suffering in Andreas saga postola I (Slides available here)

Panel III

Rebecca Menmuir (Queen Mary, University of London) and Simon Whedbee (Loyola University New Orleans): Glossing Book 3 of the Pseudo-Ovidian De vetula (Slides available here)

Andrew Kraebel (Trinity University): Richard Rolle’s Glosses on the Lessons of the Dead: Exegesis and Devotion (Slides available here)

Alexandra Barnes (Linacre College, Oxford): Authority in the Margins: The Glossed Catechetical Tracts of MS Bodley 938 and Wycliffite Exegetical Thought (Slides available here)

Panel IV

Eduardo Correia (King’s College, London): ‘þis soft ȝokke that wel wold haue susteynyd hym’: Reading Eleanor Hull’s Commentary on the Penitential Psalms through St Thomas Aquinas’s Treatise on Human Nature (Slides available here)

Hannah Schühle-Lewis (University of Kent): ‘Into the cumpeny of feythful men’: Galatians, Authority and The Middle English Declaracion on the Bible (Slides available here)

Reading of Psalm 32 from the Wycliffite Bible

Read in original Middle English pronunciation by Audrey Southgate (Merton College, Oxford)

Video recorded live by Samuel Max at a public engagement event with Laurelin Voices at St Mary the Virgin, 9 April 2022

Lecture Series 2022

Maria Czepiel: From curiosa to criticism: Benito Arias Montano and Encyclopedism in Sixteenth-Century Biblical Commentary
Slides available here
Zachary Guiliano: Biblical Commentary and Royal Patronage in Carolingian Europe
Slides available here

Madalena Brito: A Mosaic of Authorities, in the Search for a Unified Answer to the Problem of Dominion and Slavery
Slides available here

Inaugural Workshop 2021

Our inaugural workshop took place at Christ Church on Saturday, 9 October 2021. You can also view the workshop programme and the original CfP (archived version).


Alastair Minnis (Yale University): ‘Miraclis Pleyinge’ and scholastic literary theory in vulgari

Andrew Kraebel (Trinity University, San Antonio, TX): Ideas of Lyric and Dramatic Voice in Medieval Commentary
Slides available here


Zachary Guiliano (St Edmund Hall, Oxford): The patristic sources of Gospel commentaries in the Middle Ages

Rachel Cresswell (Blackfriars, Oxford): Scripture as signa in the writings of Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109)

Timothy Glover (Exeter, Oxford): Biblical Exegesis and the Voice of Richard Rolle

Malena Ratzke (University of Hamburg): Typological interpretation of the Bible in image and text: The tradition of the Biblia pauperum

Eliza Hoyer-Millar (Oxford): Marie de France’s lai Le Fresne: A lesson in Hugh of St Victor’s exegesis ad litteram

Elizabeth Solopova (Christ Church, Oxford): Translation as commentary? Literal and expository in the Wycliffite Bible

Bond West (Lincoln, Oxford): Stjórn I and the Historical Reading of Scripture